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LM Audio 502CA Dac

LM-502CA digital DAC takes Xmos USB audio technology which utilises high speed USB 2.0 receiving and decoding 32bit/192kHz high resolution digital signals.
It uses the top grade ESS 9016 DAC chips and features five digital inputs: AES/EBU, BNC, USB, OPTICAL, and COXIAL.

It is an asynchronous design that makes beautiful music, from its low distortion, Ultra-low-jitter Clock Recovery technology to high quality separate power supply for Analogue and Digital part: Toroid power transformer for Digital part while EI power transformer for Analogue part.

Digital circuit has taken high speed rectification circuitry while Analogue parts has taken 6Z4 for tube rectification.

LM-502CA incorporates LM Audio's world class leading Tube analogue output stage. Two pieces of 12AU7 are employed at Tube buffer to true tube output.Additionally there is a great solid state output stage as well.

Frequency Response: 15Hz?50kHz
Sampling Rate: 32bit 44.1KHz 48KHz 88.2KHz 96KHz 176.4KHz 192KHz
Digital Input Impedance: 75Ω
Output Impedance: 2kΩ (Tube), 600Ω (Solid State)
Dynamic Range: 120dB
Size (W×D×H): (376 x 345 x 191.5 )mm
Output Voltage: 3V+-0.5dB (Tube), 2.5V+-0.5dB (Solid State)
THD: 0.5% (Tube), 0.02% (Solid State)
Power Consumption: 24W