Phono Stages

Shindo Aurieges Phono
aurieges phono

A standalone phono stage with RIAA, Columbia and 78 curves. Built in custom mono step up transformer and stereo step up transformers. If you listen to a lot of early recordings from the golden age of Jazz, this is the phono stage for you.

Leben RS30EQ

RS-30EQ is equipped with the CR-type equalizer based on GE(General Electric/USA) 12AT7 authorized by J.A.N.(Joint Army & Navy) standard of the US Army, and can reproduce a very high quality and clear sound without adding any NFB. To avoid compromising sound quality using the NFB type, one of the solutions we adapted to completely protect the sensitive CR type equalizer was to originally develop for RS-30EQ a high quality "Orient-Core" power transformer perfectly shielded to shut-down hum noise from the transformer perfectly. We have also selected the finest available high-end audio components to keep the deflection of the RIAA curve below +/-0.2%.
RIAA CURVE Less than +/-0.2%
MAX. INPUT 400mV (2KHz.)
WEIGHT 6.0 kg
DIMENSIONS 340(W) x 140(H) x 240(D) mm 

AcousticPlan Phonomaster

PhonoMaster is an equipment to amplify electrical signals of phonograph pick-ups. These can be moving magnet (MM) or moving coil (MC) systems. The frequency response is equalized for RIAA.
With minimalistic circuit design best sound quality is achieved without any compromise. Only one transistor is responsible for amplification of the low MC signals. Overallfeedback, differential amplification and push-pull circuits are not used. Adjustment of the MC imput impedance to the pick-up is superfluous due to the use of a current control circuit. Tubes are only installed where they are able to develop their whole range of advantages: for prevention of natural harmonic spectrum, fusion of neutrality and liveliness as well as the exceptional dynamics. One output transistor guarantees low output impedance to drive long cables without losses.
Unregulated switching power supplies avoid any kind of humming and noise. PhonoMaster is equipped with double sided printed circuit boards for tight fixing of ceramic bases and all other components.
Shown with the optional Powermaster PSU.

Modwright PH150

Reference Tube Phono stage with on-the-fly loading and attenuation controls.
The PH 150 is an all tube-transformer coupled design with external SS PS 150 power supply.
Max gain = 72dB. MM/MC, Stereo/Mono, RCA and XLR (fully balanced outs) and rear phase toggle.
Resistive and capacitive loading may be adjusted on-the-fly via front panel controls.
Gain may also be adjusted in 0, -6dB and -12dB steps, on-the-fly for both MM and MC inputs.
Inputs may also be switched on-the-fly, from MM to MC carts for tables with multiple arms.

Dynavector P75 Mk3

The P75 is a complete Phono solution in one compact unit. It is user adjustable and will handle virtually any type of cartridge on the market. The performance is noteworthy, with extreme RIAA accuracy, very low noise and outstanding dynamic range.

The P75 incorporates a unique feature called "Phono Enhancer" (PE) which extracts the current signal, improve the magnetic field in the cartridge itself, which in turn provides an even more musical performance.

The P75's sophisticated internal power supply runs from a low cost ac adaptor and generates the high voltage rails necessary for high quality sound. One other great benefit of the P75 is that with no mains frequency components, it solves the huge problem of hum that can plague phono systems.

Cambridge Audio CP-2

The CP2 works with all turntables, whichever type of cartridge they use. Like the CP1 it works with popular Moving Magnet cartridges. But it also works with Moving Coil cartridges found in the highest-end audiophile turntables offering even more accuracy and detail than Moving Magnet. Even if your amplifier does have a built-in phono stage, it's well worth bypassing it using the CP2 to deliver much greater depth and detail. Audio circuitry has been refined with multiple transistors wired in parallel ensuring the lowest possible distortion and noise. A copper shield provides further protection to this extremely sensitive part of the circuitry, limiting the noise that can be injected into the signal. This is especially important with a Moving Coil cartridge because its signal is even quieter and more delicate than Moving Magnet, so it needs even more amplification. High-spec multi-parallel capacitors achieve exceptional RIAA accuracy - the industry standard for reproducing vinyl recordings. A highly accurate, subsonic filter also removes the common problem of unwanted low-frequencies that are inaudible but can damage subwoofers.

Rega Fono Mini A2D

The Rega Fono Mini A2D is a high quality phono pre-amplifier for use with any moving magnet cartridge. The addition of USB interface allows you to easily transfer vinyl to your PC. The Fono Mini A2D is designed to amplify the signal from a moving magnet cartridge to a suitable level for all line level inputs of an audio amplifier. The new Fono Mini A2D benefits from an extruded aluminium case and very user friendly front and back panels that make this phono pre-amplifier a very easy product to use.

The Fono Mini A2D amplifier offers exceptional performance and incredible value for money and promises to be a valuable addition to any hi-fi set up