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Lafite Field-coil speaker

The Shindo Lafite speakers use a Ken Shindo designed 8" Full range fieldcoil driver. This is set into a hornloaded cabinet.
Impedance is 8 ohms, and power handling is 30 watts. Designed to compliment the superb Shindo range of amplifiers.

Simple, fast and musical.
W 365 x H 1000 x D 450 mm


Shindo's field coil speaker system using his Latour horn. Several configurations and sizes available depending on the room size. 16 ohms at 100db sensitivity with either a 12" or 15" woofer. A life changing experience in a highly tuned box.

Shindo's implementation of the Altec 604 driver comes in different variations as well. Available as a full size or Petite cabinet, and with either field-coil or alnico drivers